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Maestro Dobel Humito Smoked Blanco Tequila 750mL

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Brand:Maestro Dobel

Description: This wonderful tequila is the reincarnation of a 17th Century taste. Our expert tequila distiller uses mesquite wood to replicate flavors from tequilas from the 1600s. It's an extraordinary balance between smoky notes and agave that we call Humito™.

Bright, clear liquid with touches of silver and an exceptional body that comes from high-quality agave, Maestro Dobel Humito Smoked Blanco Tequila has a delicate and satisfying bouquet of sweet caramel flavors with maple and honey top notes, layered with the essence of fresh cut mesquite wood. The finish is long on the palette with hints of roasted nuts and vanilla.


ABV: 40%

Size: 750ml

Region: Mexico

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