Conveniently mixed and ready-to-drink, premixed drinks are perfect to take to your next party or gathering, saving you time and the hassle of perfecting the pour from straight spirit bottles. 

Pre-mix Brands

Mat’s offers all the classic premix brands including whiskies such as Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam, Canadian Club, Woodstock and Jameson. Our vast vodka premix range includes popular brands such as Smirnoff, Cruiser, UDL, Red Bears and Billson’s.

Seltzers are growing in popularity for their light and refreshing flavour profile, with the added bonus of being low in sugar and calories. Mat’s has you covered with a wide range of Seltzer brands including Fizzer’s, Good Tides, Smirnoff and White Claw.


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The USA’s most iconic whiskey blended with cola, dry or lemonade, including brands like Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Woodstock and Bearded Lady, Old Number fifteen and Wild Boar.

Ready to drink Whisk(e)y from around the world including Johnnie Walker, Canadian Club, Jameson and Ned Australian Whiskey.

The best flavours from the most popular vodka brands such as Cruiser, Smirnoff, Red Bear,
UDL, Billsons and Vodka &.

Choose from a selection of these light and refreshing brands like Fizzer, Good Tides, Smirnoff and White Claw.

White, dark or spiced rum from Bundaberg, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Kraken and Sailor Jerry.

Gin blended with soda, tonic and fruit additions from popular brands like Gordons, Vickers, Bombay and
Gin &.

Readymade cocktails and other spirits including Pimms, Midori, Curatif, Aperol and Kahlua.

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