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Coopers Dry 3.5% Low Carb Mid Can 375mL

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Code: Coopers Dry 3.5% Can 375mL.

Description: Since 1862, a Cooper has carefully guided the brewing tradition of Australia's oldest family-owned brewery. From founder Thomas to the current generation of Coopers, the family has crafted beers of legendary quality.

Coopers Dry 3.5 delivers on the promise of refreshment in a low carb mid-strength beer. The beer is fine filtered a clean, crisp taste with thirst quenching drinkability all while being low in carbs and calories.

The refreshing citrus palate combined with subtle floral aromas allows this beer to be a versitile option to suit many occasions. Only 1 standard drink, 3g carbs and 90 calories per can.

Mid Strength Low Carb Lager

Region: South Australia

Availability: All Year

ABV: 3.5%

Size: 375ml

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