The New Glow In The Dark Fireball And Cola Cans

Fireball and Cola

Partying into the night and Fireball often go hand in hand, and that combo has just been turned up a few notches, with the release of not one, but two new Fireball and cola cans. And not only have they conveniently pre-mixed these party starters – the cans also glow in the dark to literally light up the party!

The range comes in two strengths  a devilishly good 6.6% 355ml to sip on through the night and a next level ‘dragon serve’ 10% in a 250ml stubby can to really fire you up, so whatever stage of party mode you are in there’s a can to get you lit.

Fireball With Apple Cans

If the Fireball and cola cans aren’t enough to get you excited, then hold on to your hat – there is also a bold new 6.6% Fireball with apple 355ml can to wet your whistle! The classic flavour combo of apple and cinnamon has been paired perfectly for ultimate refreshment to keep you going long into the night.

Fireball and Cola Glow In The Dark Can Range

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