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Domestic Beer

Locally produced ale and lager from Australia’s most recognised brands.

Craft Beer

Discover the latest and greatest brews crafted by passionate beer makers, for lovers of a full-flavoured frothy.

International Beer

Discover some of the biggest beer brands from around the globe.

Light Beer

Ales and lagers with lower alcohol content and are less than 1 standard drink.

Ginger Beer

Technically not a beer, despite its name. This brew is slightly sweet and refreshing with a hit of delicious ginger spice.

Low Carb Beer

Beer specifically brewed to contain fewer carbohydrates than a typical heavy beer.

Mid-Strength Beer

Brewed in a range of styles with a moderate alcohol level, generally containing 1 standard drink.

Dark Beer

Richly flavoured and dark in appearance thanks to the use of dark roasted malts. Dark beer styles include porter, stout, dark ale, brown ale and dark lager.

Zero Alcohol Beer

What to drink, when you’re not drinking. Brewed in a similar way to a normal beer, only with the alcohol content being stripped out at the end of the brewing process.

Beer Delivery in Ballarat and Beyond

There are a number of ways that you can purchase your beer from Mat’s Cellarbrations Ballarat. You can purchase in-store from one of our 3 locations at Mt Clear, Alfredton or Wendouree. If you live locally you can also place a click & collect order online for pick up from any of our stores.

We also deliver across the country, conveniently to your doorstep. If you place an order online, we will process your Beer order from our Mt Clear store and use trusted couriers to deliver Australia wide.

If you have any questions, please call us in store on 5330 2134

The Most Popular Beer Styles

Beer comes in many different variations and exploring them is part of the fun of enjoying a refreshing brew! The brewing process is similar across different beers, yet broadly speaking, the most popular beer styles fall under the banner of just two categories, ale or lager.

The most popular ale styles include pale ale, IPA and even stout’s, all of which have seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to the rise of craft beer.  Some of the most popular craft beer brands stocked at Mats cellarbrations include Colonial, Hop Nation and Deeds Brewing.

Lager beers like the many classic Australian brands including s VB, Carlton Draught and Great Northern are some of the most popular beers in Australia thanks to their crisp and refreshing flavour profile.  Other popular lager beers include International brands like Corona, Heineken and Peroni.

How is Beer made?

Beer has a long history going back thousands of years, and today it’s still one of the World’s most widely drunk alcoholic beverages. The beer brewing process usually involves the fermentation of barley, but sometimes other grains such as wheat, corn, rice and oats are used.

The fermentation process means that the sugars and wort created produce ethanol and it goes through a carbonation process. It is from this process that beer results. Hops and other flavours are added to taste and this is how each beer gets its variety.

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