The popularity of alcoholic Seltzer drinks has exploded, with its origins in the USA where it took the market by storm, Australia too has jumped on this trend with what seems like an avalanche of new brands hitting our shelves.

So what is a seltzer?

In basic terms a Seltzer (or ‘hard seltzer’ as it’s often referred to the USA) is simply alcoholic sparkling water, with natural flavours.

There are no defining rules on how alcohol or flavour is blended to produce a seltzer, and this lack in category rules has meant big brand companies and small craft breweries alike are experimenting with different ways to produce it.

Some are spirit based while others are brewed, but the general consensus on style is a lightly flavoured and refreshing drink with natural flavours, such as lime, grapefruit, blood orange and watermelon.

Why has Seltzer gained such a popular following?

Light, refreshing and available in a variety flavours, Seltzer’s have become a popular choice for backyard sessions around the BBQ.  They also have the bonus of being touted as a healthier alcoholic option, containing much lower calories and sugar than other premix drinks, while many are also gluten free and vegan friendly.

Wanting to discover Seltzer for yourself?

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Produced by Melbourne based craft brewers Moon Dog, Fizzer Seltzers have become one of the most popular on the market thanks to their refreshing taste and wide range of flavours including the popular Piney-Limey and Pink Flamingo Grapefruit.

Good Tides

Blended with triple distilled Vodka O, Good Tides Seltzer is said to be inspired by the purity of the Australian Coast and the invigorating refreshment of the waves.

White Claw

The biggest selling seltzer brand out of the USA, White Claw has also proved popular with us Aussie’s, and now comes in a handy mixed variety pack.

Smirnoff Seltzer

The world’s biggest vodka brand, now in a refreshing, no sugar seltzer. Smirnoff Setzer also comes in a handy mixed variety pack.

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