Buy Bourbon Whiskey From Mat’s Cellarbrations – In Store or Online

Bourbon Whiskey is one of our most popular spirits. It’s popular for those who are looking for an everyday drink (eg a bourbon and coke) and also for those who are looking for a more refined bourbon based cocktail.

At Mat’s Cellarbrations you have a number of purchase options. You can come in store and check out our range or you can order your bourbon online. You can choose from the extensive range of bourbon brands available on our website. When you order online you can choose to click and collect or get delivered anywhere in Australia.

Bourbon Whiskey is popular for your own liquor cabinet or as a gift from others.

Which are the Best & Most Popular Bourbon Brands Available at Mat’s Cellarbrations?

If you are after your favourite bourbon brand, chances are we stock it at Mat’s Cellarbrations. Our most popular brands include Jim Beam, Bulleit, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark, Cougar and Woodstock. With many of these brands we also include a number of different bourbon styles from their range.

Bourbon Whiskey is a spirit that has multiple uses. People drink bourbon in different ways. Some drink bourbon neat with a little ice, some with a mixer and others use it as the foundation for classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. If you are not sure which bourbon best suits your preferences, or are you purchasing Bourbon as a gift, speak to one of our experts and they can help you choose the right Bourbon for your needs.

Bourbon is a unique and versatile spirit for cocktails. Brands like Woodford Reserve and Widow Jane lend themselves well to mixing. Featuring in classic cocktails like the Manhattan or Old Fashioned, bourbon is also commonly enjoyed with a dash of cola on ice.

Food Pairing & Bourbon Whisky – What food should you choose?

In recent years, Bourbon is becoming a spirit of choice with sophisticated drinkers. From a spirit that historically has been served in bars with snacks like jerky or salted nuts, many are now enjoying bourbon in different circumstances.

Bourbon is often the spirit of choice for an after dinner cocktail and, for many it is often enjoyed with aged cheeses and cured meats. A new age of Bourbon drinker has recognised the beauty of pairing some bourbons with those foods that have salty and smokey flavours.

How do you purchase Bourbon from Mat’s Cellarbrations?

At Mat’s Cellarbrations, we make it easy for you to buy your next bottle of Bourbon. You can come and get your bourbon from one of our convenient stores in Mt Clear, Alfredton or Wendouree, or you can purchase a bottle of bourbon from our wide range of Bourbon Whiskeys available for purchase online. Whether as a gift for someone else, for a night cap at the end of the day or for your next dinner party, Mat’s Cellarbrations has your Bourbon needs covered.

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