Sponsorship and Donations Policy

Sponsorship and Donations Policy

Supporting local community and charitable organisations is important to us and each year we allocate a budget to support these causes. We receive many requests for donations, so to allow us to assess each individual request, in a thorough, fair and efficient manner, we have developed a policy and application form.

All applications will be reviewed according to the policy detailed below and must be submitted on the application form provided. Please allow us 4 weeks to review your application and respond.

Scope of Policy:
In the context of this policy, ‘sponsorship’ is defined as the provision of goods or services in exchange for advertising, marketing and promotional opportunities. ‘Donation’ is defined as the provision of goods to a registered charity where a receipt for the value of goods can be provided for taxation purposes.

Mat’s Cellarbrations has a particular interest in supporting the following areas:

  • Local Ballarat community
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Education
  • Agriculture

Product Donation:
This is a one-off contribution to a worthy cause, which may be made without any expectation of a direct benefit to Mat’s Cellarbrations, other than for our business to be an active and responsible member of the community.

Donation criteria:

  • Your organisation must be a legal entity
  • Your organisation must be not-for-profit
  • Projects must be able to demonstrate a community benefit

This is an investment in a one-off event or project where Mat’s Cellarbrations expects a return on investment. The review of opportunities will be based on:

  • Supporting our local community
  • Consistency with our vision, reputation and objective
  • Reaching our target market
  • Building awareness of Mat’s Cellarbrations

We find it tough to say ‘no’ to charities, but as we’re sure you’ll understand, we can’t support every request. As such, there is also the opportunity for your organisation to access some of our products at special pricing. If you are interested in this aspect, please email admin@owen.cellarbrations

Organisations that will not be considered for sponsorship or donations are:

  • Applications from individuals
  • Applications from political organisations
  • Applications from religious organisations for religious purposes


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